Happy 2015!!! Let the New Year Begin!

It’s New Year’s Day 2015 – the day when New Year’s resolutions begin and hopefully don’t end.  In keeping with my healthy lifestyle — I decided to make a simple lunch for myself with ingredients I had around.

I had my favorite RAW Onion Bread which I made a couple of days ago.  I posted about this recipe last year.  Click on this link for the recipe again!  I also had a ripe avocado and some cherry tomatoes in the house.  Add a little cracked pepper and Voile!  Lunch is ready!  And it’s SIMPLE!  And it’s EASY!

Eating RAW does not have to be challenging or difficult.  Sometimes it takes a little planning and time, but doing things ahead and keeping your pantry and fridge stocked will have you enjoying delicious healthy meals for years to come!!!

Let’s all have a Happy and Healthy 2015!!!!  And most important . . .



Note:  Sorry for the delay.  This post was set to launch New Year’s Day.   Had to fix some WordPress snafu’s!


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