Let Me Say This About That

fruit is a fast food

RAW?  Really????

Yes – I’ve heard it all.  And if you told me 3 years ago that you ate RAW, I’d give you “that look” as well.  W E I R D!!

But let me just say this about that . . .

I was not looking to become RAW or a spokesperson and a living example of the RAW Lifestyle.  I stumbled into this through the back door quite by accident.  But within 3 (three) days, let me repeat . . . THREE DAYS, my health improved, my life improved, my outlook improved and my attitude improved.   My arthritic pains went away and I slept through the night for the first time in 3 years .  My energy, stamina and clarity soared off the charts!!  Where once I could not get out of a chair, I now do Zumba 3-5 times a week!  When I was eating processed foods or foods that caused inflammation in my gut and joints — I couldn’t do Zumba for 15 minutes!!!

I had been diagnosed with arthritis in both knees and have also been told I have arthritis of the spine.  I suffered with migraines since my early teens.  I did everything the doctors told me to do as a young woman . . . eat more dairy, get more soy in your diet and eat whole grains!!  Ouch!!!  Since changing my diet and eating 80% living foods (RAW), I have been around people who had swine flu, seasonal flu, stomach flu, colds and illness and I NEVER caught them.   There has to be something said to eating nutritionally filled living foods.

People think I only eat trees or paper


Even though this does look tasty — this is not what I eat!

Nor this paper

However, let me show what what I eat during a typical day!

Doesn’t this food look FABULOUS!!!

Typical Day’s Menu

Breakfast — green smoothie, cup of tea. fresh squeezed lemon in water

Snack – raw nuts,  fruits, LaraBar

lunch – salad, wrap, raw humus and veggies

snack – more fruit, nuts or seeds or left-over smoothie, cup of tea

dinner – raw spaghetti and meatballs (though  at this point –I  can eat anything I want . . . cooked or uncooked . . . 80%/20%)

dessert – raw brownie (or again — whatever I want)

Tons of water throughout the day.

But Protein!  Where do you get your protein???

That’s always the second question that follows once you state you eat RAW!  My answer is always the same!  Plant protein!  Protein comes from dark leafy greens such as:

kale and other dark green leaves, broccoli, celery, corn, and avocado.

You can also get protein from  amaranth, buckwheat, chia seeds, hemp seed, quinoa, soybeans, spirulina.  I do eat chia seeds, hemp seed, sprouted quinoa and spirulina.  All of these ingredients can be incorporated into recipes including smoothies, soups, main dishes, sides and desserts!

So all that being said — feel free to look at me as though I have two heads when I tell you that I eat mostly RAW!!!  I totally understand.   However, if my health didn’t improve  so quickly — I would not be this passionate about eating this way.   Look at the beautiful, vibrant food choices up there!  I get to eat this way all the time!!

If I ate this way to solely  lose weight — then this would just be another “diet”.  I eat this way for Rejuvenation And Wellness so now — it’s a lifestyle!!  If eating RAW  was strictly a diet — I would have failed many times over.   There’s something to be said about a living a “lifestyle” however.  There’s nothing to fail if it’s your lifestyle!!!

If you want to try to incorporate more living, nutrient dense and fiber- filled foods into your diet, just start by adding more fresh fruits and vegetables.  Perhaps add a green smoothie or fresh pressed juices into your morning routine.  Have a wonderful salad for lunch.  Snack on raw nuts, seeds and fresh fruits.  That’s a good way to start.    But the most important thing that you should to is . . .


Michele ♥

2 thoughts on “Let Me Say This About That

  1. Very inspirational post. I have not gone completely raw but I do experiment often and I love the results. I really appreciate you sharing what you do eat. Bookmarking for when I need the nudge.

    • Thank you so much Tammy! You don’t have to go completely RAW! I’m not completely RAW. Some rawists say you just have to eat 51% of your diet raw; others say more like 75%-80% and then some say 100%. You need to do what’s best for you! Any little bit is great!!!

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