Celebrate Teachers with Office Depot

Real Change

(Click on link above for YouTubeTrailer  video).

Office Depot and Real Change

Office Depot and Real Change

If you’re reading this . . . thank a teacher!  If you’re making positive changes in your life, most likely you had to learn about those changes you wanted to make.    A teacher taught you to read, write, to gather information, make decisions, and perhaps, to think outside the box!!!

There are many causes I believe in and sometimes I will post about them, and other times I will not.  I will be teaching RAW “Uncooking” within this year and realize how difficult it sometimes could be.  I have a total respect for those who teach.

Join Office Depot along with a cast of great performers as they celebrate  and pay tribute to TEACHERS tonight at 7:00 EST on CBS and all their nationwide affiliates!   On a personal note — don’t go to the potty.  My daughter Katie stars in one of the commercials that will be shown this evening.  She plays a teacher in a “Pencil School House”!  Watch for her!!!

I’ll be watching as well!  So make yourself at home, sit back and relax and


Michele ♥

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