Natural Beauty


I must admit that I’ve been lucky in the complexion department.  I never really suffered from acne and only still get an occasional pimple.  I used to call those breakouts “my barometers” because they signal to me that something was up.  Either my hormones were acting up or my gut was out of balance.

My first job out of school was for Revlon — the make-up and beauty product company.  My tenure there was not long.  That’s okay!  Leaving was my choice.  However, one of the benefits of working there was their Discount Employee Store that they had below ground level.  I got to shop and try all the products that Revlon was selling.  I found many facial cleansing products that were not soap but were more like “cold-creams”.  Those seemed better for my dry skin.  I  used those products for years when cleansing my face.  For some reason — those products that I loved back then have been discontinued.  I wonder what I would think if I checked the ingredients in them now – knowing what I now know!

Fast forward 30 years when I started selling Arbonne Products.  Touted as “all natural”, I loved those products.  But they cost a fortune and I couldn’t sell them for anything!  So back to over the counter products for me.  But something wasn’t right!  I didn’t like putting those chemicals on my face or body and even though they were over the counter, those products can still add up.  Plus my body was changing, my needs were different, my skin was dryer.  I needed to address my issues for myself – – not for the general populous.

Going Raw

When I started going RAW — EVERYTHING changed for me in my life!  First of all, without eating processed foods and not cooking the essential nutrients out of my food, I started to glow and my hair got really thick and healthy.  I started to read all kinds of articles and found that the simplest natural ingredients are those that serve double duty.  I found recipes for making my own body lotion, body bars, tooth paste, deodorant, make-up, etc.  I had to try it!  I was on a mission!  And so I did.  Below are the links, recipes, hints and tips  that I use in addition to good clean eating that I use every day!  Hopefully, these will work for you as well.


When I wash my face, I only use Castille Soap.  It’s all natural with no added ingredients and a medium-size bottle lasts me months.  You can choose from a variety of scents.  Keep in mind — it can be very drying to the skin — but that’s where moisturizer’s come in.  At least once a week (or if I have stubborn make-up on), I like to exfoliate by combining a nickle size portion of Baking Soda with my soap and clean my face!  Careful not to get this in your eyes, however!


Before I get into talking about teeth — we really should talk about our gums!  Taking care of your gums results in good oral health!  I was the Queen of flossing, yet on every other visit to the Hygienist — she would tell me I wasn’t reaching back far enough!  And I floss 2-3 times a day!!  So I purchased a Water Pik!! waterpik Best thing I ever did!  I love it!  I may have to buy a portable Water Pik to bring to the office with me.

The second thing I do is a use a Natural Aryuvedic toothpaste called “Vicco“.  viccoIt’s hard to find — even on-line.  If you’re fortunate enough to have an Indian Grocery Store near where you live, most likely they will carry Vicco toothpaste.  Otherwise, check  However, when I ordered this from Amazon, it was only a 3 oz. tube which is so small.

I drink a lot of tea and what I’ll do to whiten and brighten my teeth is, once again, add Baking Soda to my toothpaste.  It gives it a little more abrasive power and I feel it helps get tea stains off my teeth.  Rinse well after brushing!


Okay — here it is!  My secret to healthy glowing skin from top to bottom!  People are SHOCKED when I tell them what I use as a moisturizer as well as a hair “tamer”.   Drum-roll please . . . . . . . . . my go-to, all-over hair to toe moisturizer that I already have in the house is . . . . . . . . . . . . COCONUT OILtropical traditions coconut oil pure and simple!!!  Yup!  That’s right!!!  Plain ole’ coconut oil!!!  After washing my face, I put a little coconut oil between my hands and  massage it into my face (watch out for the eyes).  It’s also very important to use on one’s Décolletage (chest), especially as we age.  I use it as a body lotion as well.

Living in Southeast Florida — humidity can do a number on your hair.  Also, as you age, your hair can dry out.  Since I usually have some coconut oil left on my hands, I will run that through my hair from root to tip and it smooths down the frizz.

If you want to learn how to make your own make-up, moisturizing bars, soaps, lotions, tinctures, bug sprays, deodorants and more, I suggest you check out one of the best websites ever  Katie is a young mother of who knows how many children, I’ve lost count, but somehow finds the time to write this wonderful blog.  Katie thrives on living clean and green and is on a mission to raise her family that way.  This website is where I find a lot of my recipes for all natural beauty/cleaning products.  She has a wonderful, simple recipe for natural face bronzer as well!  Look for that on her website as well!   That’s another way I get a great, natural glow!

Nothing is complicated when going clean and green.  It is actually quite affordable, especially when products double or triple as something other than they’re intended to do.  Feel free to look around Katie’s website and my website, for that matter and try something a little different and new.  What ever you do, whatever you try . . . . just


Michele ♥

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