“RAW” Onion Bread with Guacamole Sandwich

Sandwiches – RAW Style!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Laura-Jane otherwise known as The Rawtarian for having a recipe for Onion Bread on your wonderful site http://www.therawtarian.com/.    I can now have sandwiches  RAW Style!!!

RAW Onion Sandwich w/Guacamole

The sandwich pictured above was my lunch today!  It’s RAW onion bread with fresh, homemade guacamole and instead of using lettuce,  I use a chunk of red cabbage and a chunk of green cabbage.  I love cabbage for the sweetness of it’s flavor and the crispness in it’s bite!  Plus,  cabbage has great cancer-fighting qualities as well as fiber!

I’ve been hearing about RAW onion bread and actually saw photos and videos on it.  The photos made my mouth water and the size of the sandwiches that were made with this bread made my eyes bulge.  If you have a big appetite and want to eat whole, RAW foods without any guilt, RAW onion bread is a great way to start.

Here is the link to The Rawtarian’s Onion Bread

Onion Bread Pre-dehydration

Onion Bread Pre-dehydration


Homemade Fresh Guacamole

Onion Bread Fully Dehydrated

Onion Bread Fully Dehydrated

Assembling the Sandwich using cabbage instead of lettuce

Assembling the Sandwich using cabbage instead of lettuce

Time to Eat!

Rejuvenation And Wellness (RAW) – Basic Guacamole Recipe

2 ripe avocados – mashed

chopped tomatoes (about 1 cup)

cilantro (about 1/4 cup chopped finely)

diced onion or scallions to personal taste (omit if you don’t like either)

juice from 1/2 lime

pinch salt

Mix together and serve!


I enjoyed this sandwich so much that I ate it twice in 2 days, put it out for breakfast for my daughters to switch up the breakfast routine  and sent it to lunch with one of my daughter’s.   It’s filling, delicious and healthy!  If you don’t have the equipment to make RAW breads or RAW crackers — purchase them in any health food store or look for them on-line.  Add guacamole, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce and you have a wonderful, healthy meal or snack.

The possibilities with RAW bread and/or RAW crackers are endless.  You may not like guacamole or you may be allergic or sensitive to avocados.  You can make pizza with RAW bread using tomatoes, nut cheese, pesto, spinach, basil, etc.  Or nut cheese sandwiches with tomato, basil and dulse strips.  You can make almond butter and homemade jelly sandwiches with it (not sure I’d use an onion bread recipe for almond butter and jelly sandwich, however.  But once you get the hang of making RAW bread — you can make any flavor you want).   Or instead of almond butter and homemade jelly, you can make almond or cashew butter with sliced apples or sliced bananas or any fruit you like sandwiches!!!

Let imagination, personal tastes  and healthy whole foods be our guide!  Whatever you do, whether you make your bread and crackers  from scratch or purchase them from a store, the main thing is is that you . . .


Michele ♥

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