Thrifting = Saving $$$ = Recyling = Better for the Earth

Yard Sale

Yard Sale

One Persons Junk is Another Persons Treasure

I never sought out to write a Blog on “Thrifting”,  but there have been times in previous posts, where the topic should have come up — but I decided against  it.   I’ve rethunk the idea again and truly believe “thrifting” definitely deserves a “shout-out” on Rejuvenation And Wellness (RAW).  I’ll tell you why .  .  .

When one makes changes to their diet and decides to give up processed foods, it’s very difficult to walk into your grocer and find foods that are 100% additive/chemical  free.  Even a great quality Almond Milk may have guar gum added, and, if you read the fine print — may say something like “made in a factory that processes peanuts”.  So if you have an allergy to peanuts — this can be very dangerous for you.  So — being the pioneer that you are — you decide to make your own Almond Milk!! But in order to make Almond Milk — you need a pretty expensive piece of equipment.   OR — as I wrote in a previous post on Flax Crackers, in order to make these wonderful crackers, you need a dehydrator, which is another piece of expensive equipment.   Or to make smoothies or nut butters, or sauces , one needs a really good blender like a Vitamix.  Want to make a cheesecake?  Then you most probably would need to have a food processor.  These are examples of homemade foods that use somewhat expensive pieces of kitchen equipment.

I try to post recipes that don’t necessarily need a Vitamix, a dehydrator, or a food processor because most people starting on this journey may not have those pieces of equipment on hand and I wouldn’t want anyone to run out and buy them until you’re sure if you actually like living RAW or semi-RAW.  However, you can be like me and try to win all these kitchen wizardry’s.  Anyone who “likes” my FB page knows that I try to win anything and everything AND I pass these contests on to you, my readers, so that you can enter and have a chance to win as well!!  That’s one way to obtain a great piece of equipment.  But as you know — you don’t always win.  As-a-matter-of-fact, I never win!  But I keep trying!

Thrifting Does Not Equal Frugal

The other way to obtain some good machinery is by going to Garage Sales, Moving Sales, Estates Sales, Thrift Stores, Consignment Shops, etc.  thrift shopI know a lot of people get turned off by that idea, but if you do your homework, know your prices, check out the product and inspect every inch of it, plug it in — make sure it works  . . . then you may be able to score some great bargains!!  When you bring it home, just clean it with a little warm water and bleach (or if possible — throw dishwasher safe parts into the dishwasher) and you’re good to go.

When I was baking breads (before I had to give up breads for my inflammation), I purchased my first bread machine at Goodwill.goodwillI paid $5.00 for it (it was a Breadman Machine — top of the line), brought it home, sanitized it and began to make breads for years!  Everyone enjoyed them.  Sadly, after a couple of years, the machine finally died and so did my ability to eat breads!  So it was a win-win situation.

When I decided to try my hand at dehydrating foods — I didn’t want to jump in and purchase a dehydrator before I knew if I’d be good at it or if I even like dehydrated food.  I lucked out one day because my neighbor was moving and having a “Moving Sale”.  I didn’t even notice the dehydrator he had until I was about to leave.  It’s one of those moments, when I set about to walk out and turned around quickly when out of the corner of my eye I saw a 15 tray Nesco dehydrator!  Fifteen tray!  And all the accessories!!!  Five bucks ($5.00 folks . . . $5 bucks)!!  How can you beat that??!!!  Took it home, cleaned and sanitized it and have been using it ever since.

My friends and I now love going “Thrifting” together!  It’s a great way to spend a Saturday together and see who can score the best deals!  One friend bought a “Mr. Coffee”  (brand new) coffee grinder for $5.00.  You can use those for coffee beans, grinding spices, making flour or meal from sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, etc.   It’s a great way to recycle goods and a great way to save money!

In today’s economy, thrifting or “thriftiness”  is no longer considered “taboo”. Thrifting Does Not Equal Frugal, nor does it mean you’re cheap and it’s great for the economy and a great way to recycle.  Actually, it’s a great skill if you have a great eye and could spot great deals!  If you’ve never hit a thrift store, or have never been to a moving sale — it could be quite intimidating and overwhelming.  I know – I’ve been there.   But once you go — the only thing you can do at that point is just . . .


Michele ♥

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