Workout Wednesday — Trainer Josh

Loving Those “Love Handles”

Or Losing That “Muffin Top”

5-muffin-top e card

Such adorable, loving names for a condition that may plague many of us.  Personally speaking, it does not matter how much I work out . . . even though my “love handles” may be shrinking – they’re not shrinking fast enough.  Blame it on age (okay — I will), blame it on not working out hard enough (okay — I’ll do that too), blame it on not targeting the right spot; blame it on not giving up my sweets (even though they’re all raw and healthy) — love handles or muffin tops (I don’t even eat muffins) are one tough cookie to crumble . . . one tough egg to crack (love these food analogies)!

I was sitting at my computer last week wondering “what would be the best exercises to do for muffin top”?  So I googled it.  The computer came up with quite a few pages on this topic, but I didn’t want to do Boot Camp or anything extremely strenuous.  That’s how I found Trainer Josh!!   The shortlink was called “10 Best Exercises to Lose Love Handles Fast”.  Something about that title made me want to check it out more closely.  I’m glad I did.

Trainer Josh

Trainer Josh

Muffin Top

Muffin Top

First of all — his logo is animated which strangely made me think that perhaps the exercises are a little more doable for someone like me.  Don’t ask me why I think that way – I just do.  And second of all — when I watched his video, I realized that I probably can do his exercises and I also knew at that moment, that I would be sharing this workout on my Blog.   I knew that this would be a great site to share on “Workout Wednesday”.

If you’re like me and just want to reduce what may spill over the top of your jeans, then maybe watching Trainer Josh’s video is just for you as well.  No gym memberships required.  Just your trusty PC in the privacy of your own home.  Even if you don’t have the dreaded muffin top, it looks to me as if these exercises will also help you achieve some nice rock-hard abs!  For whatever reason you may choose to do these exercises, the only thing that I ever will recommend is that you . . .


Michele ♥

And tell him Michele sent ya!

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