The Wheat Debate

The Wheat Debate Can Divide Families – – Literally 

The ongoing debate on wheat can get more passionate and more personal than debating politics and/or religion, in my opinion.  In all fairness to the topic at hand — I decided to google “the PRO‘s of wheat and gluten” so that I can present both sides of this continuing debate.  What showed up on my screen floored me.  Honestly, I was so surprised and totally taken aback by the lack of PRO sites regarding wheat.  The majority was about eliminating wheat from your diet.  I tried — honestly — I tried.

Throughout my 40’s, Doctors told me that “as a woman – I need to include soy, dairy and whole grain wheat breads into my diet” – yet I became increasingly sick with bloating and arthritis in my knees, joints and spine.

I debate the whole grain/wheat theories with my husband and others who swear everyone needs whole wheat and grains in their everyday diet.  I respect their opinion and decided to change the word “everyone” to “everyone but me”.   And even my husband, who has lived with me the past year, has seen changes in me which include no more bloating and no more arthritic pain paired with increased health, stamina, energy and clarity still is not convinced.  We have now agreed to agree that whole grains and whole wheat are just not good for me!  But they’re fine for him!  Okay — I’ll settle for that for now.

I can spot a wheat eater a mile away.  They have what we used to refer to as a beer-gut belly.  It is usually when someone’s waistline is wider than 35 inches — the danger number which is usually associated with the onset of diabetes and other health problems.

From my research — I have learned that the wheat we eat today, is not the same wheat that my parents and grandparents ate 50-100 years ago.  They actually ate real wheat.  The wheat we are eating is a form of genetically modified (GMO) wheat.  Genetically Modified Organisms is where the original DNA is modified to produce a greater harvest on less land to feed more people. And therefore, a majority of people today can not properly digest this new modified form of wheat.  Terms such as gluten intolerant, IBS and Celiac are becoming such a huge part of our language these days.

Dr. William Davis wrote about it in his book  Wheat Belly:  Lose The Wheat, Lose The Weight And Find Your Path Back to Health.  My husband and I both read the book.  He still doesn’t buy it.  I’m not endorsing this book.  I am including it so that you can read it and form your own opinions regarding wheat.

Tonight, one of my favorite Bloggers “Wellness Mama” posted this article . . .

Why You Should Stop Eating Wheat by George Dvorsky.  I truly got so excited when reading this article because it was written in such a way — not condescending, not preachy — just matter-of -fact!

One proponent of wheat and whole grains, as well as legumes and potatoes is Dr.  Joel Fuhrman.  He has a huge following, especially after Alanis  Morissette lost all her weight and sang her praises of his EAT TO LIVE DIET.  I too, sang his praises and prepared all of his recipes and ate exactly like he suggested.  And that’s when I found out that a lot of those foods that I was eating caused inflammation in my gut and joints.    This does not mean you shouldn’t eat this way or follow a similar plan — it’s just not right for me.   Below is Dr. Fuhrman’s EAT TO LIVE Nutrition Pyramid . . .

I think, for the most part, if you can tolerate wheat, whole grains, legumes, and fat-free dairy — then this way of eating is right for you.

I am my own guinea pig . . . my own science experiment.  I do what’s right for me, for my health and for my own well-being.  It’s trial and error for me.  I share what I’ve learned along the way and don’t preach (well, I try not to anyway.  There’s a difference between being passionate about a topic and demanding that you eat a certain way.  I am passionate – not demanding).  It is up to you, the reader (or audience) to make your own decision therefore becoming your own guinea pig/science experiment.  I am still learning and will always be a work in progress as I read new research and material and try new recipes and I will keep sharing what I’m learning with you!

No matter how you view the topic of wheat and gluten — whether you’re for or against it, the most important thing in my book is that you just


Michele ♥

Happy New Year Everyone!!! 

Here’s wishing everyone get’s “Goot” Health in 2013!!!

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