Travelling Raw

The Challenge

The challenge of staying RAW when travelling, can be — well — you know . . . challenging.  I promised myself that if I couldn’t eat 85% RAW (which is my mantra),  I would not beat up on myself and just go with the flow.  Being in new cities and towns, with local foods and flavors — sometimes it’s just too hard not to resist.  And I don’t resist.  I try EVERYTHING!  And I enjoy it too!  And I DO NOT GET DOWN ON MYSELF AT ALL.

I eat the way I do because it makes me feel “rejuvenated and well”.  When I start adding certain foods back into my diet — I know that I will not feel well either that night or the next day.  I use my knees and my legs as my barometer.  If the arthritis in my knees act up — I know that I’ve eaten foods that have caused inflammation within my joints, and therefore, my gut as well.  I don’t panic.  I made that decision to eat the food that I know will affect me so I know to expect the pain.  If I’m on vacation, I’m pretty sure that trying foods that affect me won’t be limited to a one-time only type of thing; it would be more like a daily occurrence.

That is why when I travel, I eat and snack on 85% raw and limit the other 15% to explore the flavors of the region I’m in.

I always carry nuts, seeds and dried fruit with me, whether I’m travelling or at home.  This way, if I’m really hungry, I have healthy “live” foods to snack on.  I may also carry “portable” fruit, such as an apple or even a banana, or vegetables such as carrots and/or celery.

This trip, I actually brought my Nutribullet



with me so that I can make healthy, green smoothies!  Yes — I shlepped my Nutribullet up north with me!!!  I just make sure that I have the ingredients I need to make a wonderful, green smoothie.  And for this trip, that means  I get to shop at two of my favorite northern-only grocery stores and stock up on really healthy RAW goodies.

The first one is Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s

I love, love, love this store!!!!!!  Really!  However, two bad things about Trader Joe’s is that they’re not in Southeast Florida (yet), AND they do not have ON-LINE SHOPPING!!!  Therefore, whenever I travel to a city that has a Trader Joe’s, I stock up!  They have the BEST selection of raw nuts and dried fruits at extremely affordable prices.

Trader Joe's Raw Nuts

Trader Joe’s Raw Nuts

Trader Joe's Just Mango

Trader Joe’s Just Mango

They also have awesome kale chips (though my homemade ones are better if I do say so myself ) as well as  a great produce department.

Trader Joe's Kale

Trader Joe’s Kale

Trader Joe's Produce

Trader Joe’s Produce

It’s amazing how exciting I find grocery stores!  To me — it’s like visiting one of the 7 Wonders of the World.  I get so excited — like a kid in a candy shoppe!

I always used to say that when my husband and I traveled to new places, we did not go to see the sites, but instead went to taste new foods and try new restaurants.  He too, gets excited about a grocery store!!

As an after-note — I am so disappointed that Southeast Florida does not have a Trader Joe’s yet.  Not even one that’s close.  So whenever I’m in a city that has a Trader Joe’s — I stock up and bring food home.  My husband snapped this photo of me at the airport — ready to board the plane for home with bags from Trader Joe’s.  This photo shows two (2) Trader Joe’s bags, but what you’re not seeing is the third suitcase I packed full of Trader Joe’s nuts, dried fruits, spices, sauces and candy (as gifts)!!!

Stocking up on Trader Joe's!!

Stocking up on Trader Joe’s!!

One of those exciting Wonders of the World to me would be my second grocery store destination . . . Stew Leonard’s!

Stew Leonards

Stew Leonard’s

Stew Leonard’s is a place to bring the kids!  It’s like an amusement park and during the summer, has a petting zoo outside the Norwalk, CT store.

The Dairy Cow at Stew Leonard's

The Dairy Cow at Stew Leonard’s

The Dairy Musicians at Stew Leonard's

The Dairy Musicians at Stew Leonard’s

Stew Leonard’s is known for it’s dairy, but for me — it’s known for it’s PISTACHIO’S.  They have the freshest, largest,  most affordable pistachio’s that I know of.  And even though the pistachio’s are roasted, a no-no in the raw world, it’s the one roasted nut that I allow myself to eat since Dr. Weil Came out and



endorsed pistachios as a great probiotic.  I wrote about the pistachio in my Blog “Four (4) Unique Weight Loss Tools”.

Stew Leonard’s also has an awesome Produce Department and a great staff to answer any questions you may have.

Produce at Stew Leonard's

Produce at Stew Leonard’s

When you’re on vacation, you should be ON VACATION and not driving yourself nuts about the foods you should or should not eat.   Do the best you can with what you’ve got.  If you slip, get back up and dust off your hands and start again.  If you get ill from certain foods, just know that in time, you will feel better and be back on track again.

Whatever you do, wherever you are and wherever you go, just remember one thing . . . and that is just


Michele ♥

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