Fat Sick and Nearly Dead | a Joe Cross Film

Joe Cross

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Coming To A Theater Near You

Run — Don’t Walk!

How many people in our lives are “fat, sick and nearly dead?  Probably, more than you know.  I LOVE, LOVE,  LOVE success stories.   And not only is this one heck of a success story, Joe Cross documented his incredible tale along the way.

This independent movie just came across my desk.  I watched 2 trailers  and was immediately sucked in and excited by what this man put down on film!  I even joined Joe’s Blog and became a “Fan” on FB right away because I want to know everything this man and his community has to offer.  I plan on watching the entire  movie this evening as soon as I get home.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead | a Joe Cross Film

The trailers I watched were more than enough to “reel” me in hook, line and sinker.   Some of the people featured in this documentary could have been me a year ago.  The only difference, however, is that neither I nor anyone in my family, are on any type of meds for any ailments associated with obesity.   We do not have diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease.   We lucked out in that department by eating as healthy as possible (eventhough we were/are considered obese) and by working out daily.  However, last year I was  eating “processed foods”.  This year, I’m not.

I must say, I totally related to the woman with the Migraines.   I suffered with Migraines since the age of 11.  They’re debilitating and have ruined my life for 52 years. When I would get a migraine — I could not go to school or work and even missed out on a handful of very happy social gatherings.   For me, switching to a RAW diet has alleviated all of my Migraines!  Juicing and Green Smoothies every day have helped me feel better, lighter and younger.  And when I’m not drinking my greens,  I’m eating them.  And I did this before ever hearing the name of Joe Cross and his movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”.

green juice 1

I also noticed that Dr. Joel Furhman is also in this film.  I knew of Dr. Fuhrman for years.   Dr. Fuhrman wrote the books Eat To LiveEat For Health,  The End of Diabetes, The Nutrition Handbook, Super ImmunityDisease-Proof  Your Child, along with other books as well as  a line of  books geared directly towards children featuring the super-hero  Mitch Spinach.  The only obstacle I have with Dr. Furhman’s wonderful plan is that it includes food in it that causes inflammation in me.  That does not mean it will cause inflammation in you.

Do yourself a favor.  After reading this blog — click on the link to “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”  and  treat yourself to wonderful, informative film in the privacy of your home.  It’s available on HULU as well as Amazon!

I know that if you watch this movie — you will thoroughly . . .


Michele ♥

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