The Raw Food Coach | 12 Days of Raw Christmas

A  RAWMAZING  Offer!!!

Holiday time can be such an overwhelming experience.  Too much to do, too little time to get it done.  The last thing you need to do is make yourself even more crazy if you’re following a certain type of food lifestyle.

Russell James, Raw Food Chef extraordinaire, peeked my interest by sending me an email offering me 12 Days of Raw Christmas Gifts!  The Raw Food Coach | 12 Days of Raw Christmas.  I’m into that, I thought!    I clicked on his offer, albeit a bit reluctantly, but I did click on it.  (By the way, if anyone is considering learning raw food techniques or mastering the skills they already have, Russell has an on-line course as well as a home study course, that may be the way to go.  He’s offering 40% off now if anyone is interested).

Russell James Raw Food Course DVD

Russell James Raw Food Course DVD

Okay — back to my 12 Day of  Raw Christmas.  So I clicked on it expecting a hitch.  And there was none!  It linked me up to an offer by Karen Knowler – The Raw Food Coach.   Within seconds of  clicking on Karen’s offer, I received another email with my first download!  A 17-page ebook called “I’m Dreaming of a Deliciously Raw Christmas”!!  For FREE!!!!  I’m in heaven!!!  Also — you can sign up anytime during the 12 days and STILL receive all of the free gifts!!!  This is a great place to start in accumulating your go-to Raw Recipes and how-to guides!!

Karen Knowlers 12 Days Of Christmas Gifts

Karen Knowlers 12 Days Of Christmas Gifts

Now, I know most people do not get as excited as I do about recipes.  I’m the type of person who can read a Cook Book as if it was the next great novel.  If I salivate — I know it’s a top seller.  And if they make the recipes easy to understand at a level that I can create them, then I have a winner on my hands!!  I also watch videos on how to prepare foods as if it was a Blockbuster Video.  It’s just something that I truly enjoy doing — sort of living vicariously through the experts and hoping that one day, I can achieve the same level of expertise.  I also love to share what I learn and hints and tips that I find.  So that is why I’ve decided to share this wonderful offer with all of you.

I believe in sharing.  That is why I started this Blog.  What I love about the RAW community, is that people involved in it believe in sharing as well!  Therefore, I am sharing this free gift offer — The Raw Food Coach/12 Days of Raw Christmas as well as recommending Russell James Raw Food Course  for you to check out and simplify your life when it comes to creating delicious, exciting raw food dishes!!

When checking out new and exciting recipes, websites and Blogs — the thing you must remember is to



Have Fun!!

Wishing each and every one of you a very Happy And Healthy Holiday

And a Very Happy And Healthy New Year!!!!

Michele ♥

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