Workout Wednesday

Men Sweat – Women “Glisten” . . . NOT!!!!!

sweat crying

I’m a huge advocate of working out, getting moving and sweating — at any fitness level from none to some to expert!!  Exercise improves mood, increases energy and stamina, reduces stress, helps aid in alleviating depression, helps control weight, promotes better sleep, improves ones sex life, and if you find the right type of exercise that you enjoy — it can be fun!!  Try different types of exercises and see what you enjoy doing the most.

Mostly, my workouts comprise of “moving”; not “lifting” or “straining”.   That works best for me.   However, sometimes I just want to “switch it up”, so I don’t get bored.  I read an article on a Blog about a year ago about this  workout technique called “Tabata“.  do-your-tabatas It’s a 4 minute workout at 20 seconds intense training and 10 seconds of rest.   I thought this sounded fascinating!  I could give up 4 minutes of my life every day!   So I continued to google it (I’m going to change my name to Google Goot), and that’s when I found videos made by Rebekah Boruki who started a Website,  Blog and Vlog called “BexLife“.

I immediately liked her method of teaching and her expertise.  She’s not intimidating.  She does not yell in your face — quite the opposite as a matter-of-fact and she performs the workouts for you as a guide.  I signed up right away for her videos.  I’m attaching one or two of her “Tabata” training for you to watch.  I’ll share a couple of different ones  to watch and maybe try!  In all fairness to you, I should let you know that I haven’t tried these  yet — but it’s on my list of things to do.

Bex has come a long way in the short time that I signed up for these videos.  Originally, a yoga instructor and mother of 4, she has blossomed into a Spokesperson, Model and now TV personality.  I love watching her grow.

Now Bex has started a new series on Learning How to Meditate.  Once again, she’s peeked my curiosity.  How does one teach Meditation?  Don’t you have to be quiet to meditate?  I watched the first one, then the second.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and even did it with her.  Four minutes — that’s all she asks.  And four minutes seems to be Bex’s recurring theme whether it be for workouts or for meditation.  As I said before, everyone can find 4 minutes!!!

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just going to take your first step to health and wellness, find something you like, or try many different workout routines.  The main thing is that you just . . .


Michele ♥

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