The Healthy Way to Poop: How Position Can Affect Health | Wellness Mama

Elimination Sensation!!!!

Yes — I’m going there!!  I didn’t think I would, but actually, I feel this is an extremely important topic.  Poop, or any other name for it, is a huge subject for conversation.  People love discussing it; calling people “a piece of it”;  Dr. Oz did an episode on it;  medical  journals are written on it;  well — people are just fascinated by it in general.  What goes in MUST come out — eventually.time to poop

A good “elimination” can make your day — just as a bad one could ruin your day.  Some could be used as “floating devices” while others will sink as fast as the Titanic!  People can be made to feel inferior if they don’t have the quantity or quality of  what is typically recommended for a “normal, healthy, regular bowl movement”.  It’s even become acceptable dinner conversation amongst “good” friends!   My friends anyway!!!

Well, if you don’t feel bad enough — here’s more “logs” to add to the fire.  Apparently, we haven’t been moving our bowls correctly for the past 100 or so years, since the invention of the “potty” or the toilet bowl.  Who knew???!!!!!

Case in point — pre-toilet man.  How did they eliminate?  They “Squatted“!  Animals — how do they eliminate?  They Squat!!!  Babies and toddlers?  How do they do it?  Once again — they Squat!  Post toilet man?  How do they eliminate   They  SIT!  Hence — according to some — there is where the problem lies!  Modern man (in the U.S. anyway) — does not eliminate properly, nor do they eliminate entirely because of the fact that we SIT,  instead of Squat, to get our business done.

Case in point:  In the article  The Scoop About Poop  from the website Integrative Wellness Center , they explain anything I, and probably you, need to know about “Poop”.  There are many arguments singing the praises of “Squatting” vs.  “Sitting”  and because of the interest and the research being done on this particular topic — a couple of different manufacturers have created versions of  “a squatting device“.

I’ve been reading about this concept now for about 6 months, and I must admit that I’m intrigued by it.  I’ve pondered posting about it, but wondered how I would handle this delicate subject.  Then last Sunday, one of my all-time favorite bloggers actually did do a post on it.  A company called Instant Karma who manufactures The Squatty Potty  asked The Wellness Mama to test drive and write a review on their product.  She did and wrote about it this past week.  Below is the link to that.  I feel she did a great job in reviewing it mixing facts with humor!!  See below:

The Healthy Way to Poop: How Position Can Affect Health | Wellness Mama

I also came across another manufacturer who also provides a “Squatty Potty” and thought that I should include them in this post as well.   It’s from the website and they too, explain the importance of Proper Elimination.   Please keep in mind that I am not endorsing, selling or taking a kickback from any of these companies.  I’m just putting my findings out there for you to read.

If talking about bodily functions bothers you, you may choose to skip today’s Blog.  However, if you like learning new things and new concepts — go ahead and read it!  Print it out and bring it into the bathroom with you!  But if you do — the most important thing is that you read it and


Michele ♥

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