Raw Food Made Easy!!!

Raw Foods = Minus Burns!

When writing my Blog, I rely on many of my RAW Enthusiasts for information, guidance, expertise, etc.  I realize that “uncooking” could get confusing.   Sometimes, there’s a lot of  preparation, organization and processes that may include a 4-24 hour span.

I emailed Jenny Cornbleet the other day to ask her something and we got to talking.  What I did not realize is that Jenny’s  recipes are only for  “quick and easy” raw meals.  Nothing dehydrated whatsoever (which could take 4-24 hours).  What an amazing concept!   Here’s some background information on Jenny’s qualifications:

Jennifer Cornbleet  is the best-selling author and raw food chef and instructor. She is the author of best-selling Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People and Raw for Dessert: Easy Delights for Everyone  and is a faculty instructor at the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in Fort Bragg, CA.

Her first book, Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People,  is a best-selling vegetarian recipe book.  The revised and expanded edition just came out.   Her recipes are centered around a raw vegan diet, a dietary movement that encourages the use of raw ingredients over processed or cooked ones, with the goal of achieving maximum health benefits. The recipes featured in Cornbleet’s books do not use meat, fish, poultry, or dairy products, and focus entirely on fruits, vegetables, and nuts and seeds.

Jennifer Cornbleets Raw Food Made Easy

Jennifer Cornbleets Raw Food Made Easy

If anyone is considering improving their health while gaining  stamina and energy by going “RAW”, but didn’t know where to start — you MUST check out Jennifer Cornbleet’s You Tube Channel (and “like” it)!  This is “free” information put on the internet for our benefit.  Take advantage of this!  Watch and learn.

That’s basically how I started.  I didn’t know there was a Culinary Institute that taught RAW living!  I researched everything on the web, watch YouTube videos for instruction, went to the library and took out books.    Anyone who is a friend of mine of FB or has “Liked” my Rejuvenation And Wellness (RAW) Facebook page knows that I like to share contests, giveaways or special deals from my RAW Inner Circle.  Everyone should take advantage of those!!

For those of you who would like to get a little more serious in taking control of your health and wellness — Jennifer offers a course on line.  You can find it here at  www.RawFoodOnlineCourse.com.

I will let you know about a special discount offer in January  for those interested in taking the course.  Stay tuned for details because I will definitely be sharing that information with you.

However you decide to start your journey into just remember to


Michele ♥

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