Pasta By Any Other Name . . .

Ellen DeGeneres shared a joke on her show yesterday . . .
What do you call a noodle in disguise?
                         An “Impasta”!!!!!”

Today’s blog will focus on the “IMPASTA”.   Finding a great pasta substitute is every Rawist, Paleo follower, gluten sensitive , egg sensitive person’s dream.  A pasta incognito!!!  When one suffers from sensitivities or has omitted certain foods from their diets by their own free will, they often feel they will suffer emotional damage if they don’t have their old “comfort” foods handy.   Pasta is one of those foods!

In today’s recipes,  I will share how you can have your “pasta” and eat it too!!!   Please note that these recipes may call for a certain piece of equipment that you may not have.  Don’t panic!  There are ways around it.  There are ALWAYS ways around it.

Jenny Cornbleet is a Raw Food Instructor who has a wonderful website called Learn Raw Food.  I am going to share her recipe for  Pasta Marinara.  This photo is actually Jenny’s Zucchini Pasta with “Not Meatballs”.  Read this full blog page for Jenny’s suggestion for “Not Meatballs”.  Delish!!

Jennifer Cornbleet’s Zucchini Noodles with “UnMeatballs”

Here is the actual photo of my Zucchini pasta with “unmeatballs” when I made it  . . .

My Raw Zucchini Noodles with "UnMeatballs"

My Raw Zucchini Noodles with “UnMeatballs”

One of the most common pieces of kitchen equipment that one uses to make zucchini pasta (or carrot, beet, etc.) is the Spiral Slicer or Spiralizer.


There are different versions of  Spiral Slicers.  But no need to run out a buy one.  You can always julienne a zucchini.

I’m including another  link for Zucchini Pasta.  This one includes “Unmeatballs“.  It is from the Foods For Long Life Blog.

If you don’t like zucchini and want to be adventurous, you can always try my kelp noodle recipe.   Or try some of the recipes from one of my favorite RAW Chefs  Heather Pace.  I love reading her blog and trying her recipes.  Check out her Oodles of Noodles from her Blog Sweetly Raw (which has recently changed to Food and Yoga For Life.

Be adventurous and don’t be intimidated by trying something a little unusual.  The taste of raw food is simply divine because you’re not cooking out all of the essential nutrients and flavors.

Whichever you decide to try, and you may try all, whatever you do, just have fun and experiment and . . .


Michele ♥

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