Au Naturale

Going Raw for Face And Body

Once I stopped eating anything processed, I searched for ways to stop using anything processed.  Shopping at the “Natural, Whole” Supermarkets – I found these products to be extremely expensive.  I knew in my gut — there’s got to be a way to do this myself.

That’s how I found Katie, The Wellness Mama.  This is one of the BEST websites that I could ever recommend!  This young woman AMAZES me.  When you look up Earth Mother in the dictionary — a link to her websight is the definition!

Katie makes everything herself — from scratch using only organic, natural ingredients. She gives great tips and recipes for food, beauty products, cleaning products and grooming products.

I originally found this recipe for her Moisturizing Bar.

Wellness Mama Lotion Bars

I made these using my Silicone Muffin Pan so my bars came out more like “pucks”.  I got six “hockey pucks” moisturizing bars out of this recipe.  I’m nearly at the end of the last one.  I believe I made them over 6 months ago.  Never ever, has a bottle or jar of moisturizing lotion lasted six month in my house (unless I didn’t like it and didn’t use it — therefore wasting money). These make wonderful gifts to give.  Find your favorite essential oil and just add them as the last step in the recipe. Put a ribbon around them or put them in a box — and Voile!  You’ve got a truly wonderful gift made from the heart ♥!

Now many of you will not have the ingredients at hand to make these Bars, so here’s a little secret of what I use EVERYDAY as my moisturizer.  I use Coconut Oil.

Expeller Pressed Coconut OIl Organic

It’s not greasy at all and makes my skin glow.  I also rub a little on my hands and do the ends of my hair.  I don’t use any hair products at all anymore!

One more tip that I got from The Wellness Mama that I would like to share with you ladies is the recipe for the “Natural Bronzer” (keep in mind that this recipe is very similar to her “Natural Dry Shampoo”).  I use this as my blush and it’s all natural.  All you need are 3 ingredients:

1/3 Cup Cocoa Powder

1/3 Cup Cinnamon

1/3 Cup Arrowroot Powder*

This is the basic recipe for bronzer/blush.  If you feel you want to go darker — add more cocoa.  If you want to go more red or orange — add more cinnamon.  Plus, you walk around all day smelling like a “Brownie”!  It smells great!!!  If you find you have too much “shine” on your face and want to tone it down — just use the Arrowroot Powder on a Blush Brush.  Arrowroot Powder has the silkiest feel to it.  It’s luxuriating!!  It’s so much better than those Mineral Powders the ladies are buying.   And it’s all natural.

Maneuver around The Wellness Mama’s site.  I have made my own deodorant,  toothpaste, lipstick, mascara (that I need to work on — it needs to be perfected) and face cleanser and exfoliante!!!  I keep promising myself a full weekend to play mad scientist in the kitchen, but so far, I haven’t had the time.   However, with the Holidays coming, I’d better set some time aside!!

Try your hand making some of the recipes from The Wellness Mama website.  Subscribe to her emails!  I do and can’t wait for them to arrive on Sundays!  The most important thing you can do, however, is just . . . .



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