The Incredible Edible Egg

How to Make the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

Yes, I prefer a RAW diet lifestyle, but in all honesty, eggs are the one food that EVERYONE in my family will eat!  My gluten-free/dairy-free daughter can eat them (Yippee!!!!), my vegetarian daughter will actually eat eggs (hallelujah!!!!!), if I feel as if I really need to eat a cooked protein – I will eat eggs and my husband likes to start his day with a hard boiled egg.  Hence, there is where the problem lies . . . . . . .

Lately, when we made hard boiled eggs, they did not peel easily.  We tried every trick in the book that we had heard of . . . . bring eggs to room temperature before cooking them; use older eggs; add vinegar to the water; add salt to the water .   Nothing worked.  We stopped serving Deviled Eggs at our parties, because the albumen   (the egg white) had chunks missing from the shell not letting go and pulling the egg whites with it.  They looked horrible.

Typical Hard Boiled Eggs in Our House

Typical Shell-Shocked Eggs In My Home

Can’t serve those up.  Stopped trying.


This morning, I decided to give it another shot.  I took out 4 eggs and let them rest for 5 minutes on the counter.  In a small pot, I covered them with water from the faucet (not hot — not cold) and put them up to boil.  Once they boiled, I shut off the heat and covered with a tight fitting lid (I left it on the same burner).  I went about my business and gave it about 20 minutes to a half hour – drained under cold water and peeled!  PERFECT!  I had perfect hard boiled eggs!!!!

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs


Rachel (vegetarian daughter) got egg salad for lunch today!!!!  Going out after work to buy a dozen new eggs and trying this strategy again!

Just as a side note — I feel compelled to share with you that even though everyone will eat eggs in my house — no one will eat them cooked the same way.   Katie will only eat scrambled or omelettes; Rachel won’t eat omelette’s – only basted!  Neither of them eat the yolks so I have to cook them well though one yolk is okay — but don’t give them 2 or more  yolks.  It’s very confusing!  I need to go buy some more frying pans for the restaurant that I’m running in my home!!!

Whichever way you choose to make your eggs, and you can make them many different ways on many different days, do like I do and just . . . .


Michele ♥

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