The Secret To Staying Healthy

Cause:  Working Out . . . Effect:  Sweating  = Good Thing!

I always worked out.  Even during both of my pregnancies.  Growing up, we had PE (Physical Education) every single day.  Not like today’s society, where PE is an “elective”.   And after school — we were sent outside to play.

I grew up in an environment where there was  a playground right outside my door.  We’d run around, ride bikes, roller skate (not blade, mind you, but actually skate), we’d play sports . . . punch ball was a great “Brooklyn” sport, baseball, paddle ball, tag, jump rope, catch, dodge ball — whatever it was — we entertained ourselves by being active!!  We came home in time for dinner and then did our homework in the evening.

However, sometime in the ’70’s everything changed.  Moms went back to work to help support the family.  Dinners were frozen and popped into a toaster oven for convenience.  Snacks were cookies, chips, candy and Hostess cupcakes.  My mother did not go back to work and she did cook a meal every night.  That usually consisted of 1/2 grapefruit as an appetizer, some meat, chicken or fish, canned colorless mushy vegetables and then canned fruit for dessert.  I don’t remember ever getting a salad.  Lettuce and tomatoes and onions were saved for sandwiches or hamburgers.  As time went on, Mom bought frozen vegetables which were so much better than the canned stuff — but she really did boil the life out of them!  Burger King, McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken popped up in my neighborhood.  Immediate gratification became the norm.  Had a craving?  Squelch it with “fast food”.

But I digress.  I really wanted to talk about the importance of “Sweating” . . working out.  I always worked out.  Sometimes I maintained a decent weight — but most of the time I didn’t.  As I’ve always said, “If I didn’t work so hard at staying ‘chunky’, I would be obese!”  When when I hit 50 — the pain in my knees got so bad.  I associated that pain with getting older and too much working out whether it be 4 miles on the treadmill or Walking AT Home with Leslie Sansone.  I figured the severe pain I felt in my knees must be from the “jarring” they’re enduring from my workouts.

About the same time, I tried Zumba.  I loved it!  It was fun and exciting.  However,  after 15 minutes of doing this, I couldn’t breathe, I was beat red, the sweat was pouring out of me, I’d need a break – a sip of water, wipe the sweat away and go back to the class.  Twenty minutes later, I’d need another break.  Same thing . . . can’t breath, etc.  I just told myself that I’m not used to the fast pace and if I keep at this and get really good at this — I won’t need the breaks anymore.

That never happened . . .

UNTIL . . . →↓
I changed my diet 3 years later.  

Once I eliminated wheat, grains, soy, dairy, legumes, peanuts and alcohol (First through The Paleo Diet and now through eating RAW) – my arthritic pain disappeared (within 3 days) and my stamina and endurance prevailed!  My Migraines totally disappeared.  I suffered with Migraines my whole life!  I can now do 1 full hour of Zumba – 4 times a week plus I’ve done 2 hour Master Classes and I can do 4-5 miles of Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home.

If I can do this — so can you.  You will feel so much healthier, better, leaner, lighter, REJUVENATED AND WELL(NESS)!!

I truly believe in working up a good (great) sweat!  Sweating is great for you!  I will be dedicating a lot of discussions to different avenues of working out and will have guest bloggers who specialize in different types of workouts.  I have wonderful hints, tips and recipes to post for you.  Stay tuned for those.  It’s so exciting!

The most important aspect about working out is to find something that you truly love to do and . . .


Michele ♥

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