Leftover Day!

Black Friday!

Today — the day after Thanksgiving is known as “Black Friday, but it’s also a day for leftovers!!  I actually had to go to work so I brought my leftovers with me.    Today, in my Tupperware,

Leftover for Lunch!

I brought my leftover “Meatless Meatloaf” and my “Individual Vegan Orange Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes with Candied Maple Pecans”.  When I linked this recipe to my Thanksgiving post, it was for a casserole.  I decided to to make these as individual servings where I can put them out on a platter and have people grab their own portion.  It looked like this when I pulled it out of the oven . . .

Individual Sweet Potatoes with Candied Pecans

I also never got to post a photo of the Lemon Garlic Stringbeans I made for Thanksgiving either.  Here’s a blurry photo of it.

Lemon Garlic Stringbeans

Lemon Garlic Stringbeans

They were delicious and went quickly.  Next time I make this — I will double the recipe.

I also figured that there would be plenty of desserts on hand at our Thanksgiving feast, but none that would be good for my gluten-free/dairy-free daughter, so I whipped up a batch of my favorite Double Chocolate Cherry Chip Cookies by Elena’s Pantry.  However,  I didn’t have cherries on hand, so I made it with cranberries.  Delish.  Here’s a photo of them cooling on a wire rack.

Double Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

All in all, dinner was delicious and I love spending it with friends and family (and dogs — lots of dogs)!   I hope that everyone had a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving and that you come up with wonderful recipes for your leftovers!  Now — off to Black Friday Shopping!!!


Michele ♥

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