Happy Thanksgiving

Gobble Gobble

I’m truly not a fanatic when it comes to eating RAW and on occasion, I will eat meat (Paleo) and I really do love Thanksgiving Turkey.  However, I have one daughter who will not eat any animal that was once living except for fish.  So finding recipes are always a challenge.

Last year, I did make her a Tofurkey dinner


and she truly enjoyed it, but I’m not thrilled with it because it’s made with Soy.  So I will not be doing that this year.  This year, I will be experimenting with a new recipe that’s floating around my head for a “Meatless Meatloaf”.  I will post that recipe only if it comes out tasty and delicious!

In the meantime — I will be bringing a couple of vegetarian dishes to my Thanksgiving Get Together.  And yes — they will be “cooked”.  I’ve been requested not to bring “raw” dishes to the feast!!

The first dish I am making is Vegan Orange Cinnamon Sweet Potatos with Candied Maple Pecans from one of my favorite Bloggers The Blender Girl.  However, I will be cutting this recipe in half.

Vegan Sweet Potatoes

**This recipe calls for Candied Maple Pecans so I’m including the link to that as well.  I hope they make it into the salad!!

Candied Maple Pecans

The second recipe is also from The Blender Girl  and that is for Lemon Garlic String Beans  (The Blender Girl always has a “Piggy Tip” on the bottom of her posts.  Click on them for same amazing “tips”).

Lemon Garlic String Beans

Whatever it is you’re serving on this Thanksgiving or cooking to bring to a Thanksgiving Meal — please remember to give “Thanks” for the wonderful food, friends and family and most of all . . .



Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

My thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered from Hurricane Sandy this year.  I know Thanksgiving may not be what it was in the past.  Hopefully, next year will be better.

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