Four (4) Unique Weight Loss Tools

Prebiotics and Probiotics


If you’re going to take away anything from eating raw — this is the most important information one can come away with.  As I read Ani Phyo’s “15-day Fat Blast“,

Ani Phyo’s 15 Day Fat Blast

I found the subject of Prebiotics and Probiotics to be fascinating.  Especially because they aid in fat loss and weight loss (and that’s SUCH A GOOD THING!)!

“A healthy gut also means waste is eliminated properly, rather than being stored in our belly and colon.  Many of us hold onto 5 to 25 pounds of fecal matter in our bellies, depending on our diet and weight.  Imagine how much lighter we could be when we let that all go”, says Ani Phyo in Chapter 3 of  Ani’s 15-day Fat blast.  She goes on to say, “Our metabolisms (and hence weight) are affected by the mix of bacteria in our gut, and probiotics are a promising tool in helping to regulate weight gain by providing more of the good guys, more of the ‘Bots’  (Ani calls probiotics and prebiotics ‘Bots’ as in fighting robots).  In short, probiotics are believed to be a key weapon in fighting obesity, extracting more nutrition from our food, maintaining strong immune function, and protecting your body from chronic inflammation   I like to envision these bacterial beneficiaries as little ‘Bots’ that are eating up belly fat and other unwanted extras in our bodies.  They are doing the battle for us” .  .  .  (I picture it as Pacman eating up the belly fat and unwanted extra’s in our body).

So, how do we get these good ‘bots’ into our body?


Fermented Soy Products


Soy sauce

Fremented Drinks:



Fermented vegetables:





Other Sources:

Apple cider vinegar, raw

Nutritional Yeast*


*Nutritional yeast should not be confused with brewer’s yeast or yeast used in baking.  It is a yellow, flaky yeast that has a delicious “cheesy” flavor.  It is a great source of Vitamin B.  I use it sprinkled on my salads for a nice cheesy flavor.  I also use it in my “nut cheese”.

*Use dark chocolate or “raw” chocolate and cocao powder.


“Prebiotics are substances in foods, often fibers or sugars, which promote the growth or activity of good bacteria in your body”.

What To Eat





Chicory Root


Garlic, onion, leeks


Jerusalem artichokes




For years, I was taught that “fats” are bad for you.  “Fat make you fat”, they would say. When my father suffered his first heart attack at age 48, they took him off coconut oil and palm oil.  That was considered very bad for you.  After that, my mother followed the rules and diet of The American Heart Association.  He suffered a second, nearly fatal heart attack at age 52.

Thirty years later, research is coming back and telling us now that Coconut Oil and Palm Oil are very good for you.  In fact, coconut oil has benefits that fight infection and research show that including coconut oil in your daily diet may slow down the signs of Alzheimers and Dementia.  Watch this video on that subject.

Coconut Oil and Palm Oil are now classified as MCFA’s.  MCFA’s are the third weight loss tool.  See below:


MCFA’s are good fats!  Now I know that’s an oxymoron, but it’s true.  There are such things as “good fats”!  These fats may actually also aid in weight loss — keeping you satisfied and fuller longer.  Our bodies “burn” these fats and not “store” these fats.  They have ‘thermogenic” qualities because they increase “heat” in the body and increase energy expenditure (burning calories).

And here is the 4th and final weight loss tool . . . MUFAs  and Omega 3s. . .

MUFAs are saturated fats which improve insulin levels and blood sugar.  They are particularly helpful for type 2 diabetics.

Omega 3s are great for brain health, but they also stimulate the production of leptin, a hormone that helps regulate metabolism and weight.


Coconut Milk

Coconut Oil

Palm kernal oil



Olive oil


Omega 3s

Flaxseed or Flaxmeal

Soybeans (cooked or sprouted — never raw)


Thermogenic Foods

Thermogenic foods are “Rocket Fuels” according to Ani Phyo.  If you eat the right foods — they will actually accelerate your metabolism.  You’ve heard  that eating chili’s or spicy foods will accelerate weight loss.  That’s basically the same thing.  Thermogenic foods are fat-burning foods.  Chili’s and green tea are two thermogenic foods.

Here are more:

Black pepper


Calcium rich foods such as blackstrap molasses; collard, mustard, and turnip greens, sesame seeds; spinach




Green tea

Ice Water

Lean protein like buckwheat groats, brown rice protein powder, and seeds


Vitamin D-rich mushrooms including shiitake.

Dr. Weil

I caught, quite by accident, an episode of Dr. Weil on Dr. Oz’s show.   He was discussing the benefits of pre- and probiotics.  He recommends eating pistachio nuts as a prebiotic.  I am attaching that story as well.

Enjoy Experimenting with 

Prebiotics and Probiotics, MCFAs and MUFAs and

Thermogenic Foods

Michele ♥

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