Paleo Vs. Raw

Paleo Vs. Raw

Paleo Ancestors

People are hearing buzz words “Paleo” and “Raw”, but are so confused by them.  Like any new concept, you need to familiarize yourself with it, get to know it better and try it out.  Once you try it, you need to see if it benefits you in any way, i.e. feeling better health wise,  getting leaner, increased stamina and energy, mental clarity, etc.  I’ve decided to dedicate Friday posts to those two topics:  “Paleo” and “Raw”.  In today’s post — I will include two basic explanations of both to make it easier to understand.  I will also post two recipes — one Paleo and one Raw.

When I first heard about “The Paleo Diet”, I googled it to the enth degree.  I found some wonderful websites and books on it.  The theory behind Paleo eating is simply this . . . “anything that our Paleo Ancestors would have hunted or harvested”.  They weren’t producing “grain” back then so bread and pasta were not included in their diet. They didn’t eat any processed sugar either.

Eating Raw, on the other hand only eats the foods that are “harvested”.  However, they don’t cook what they harvest!

Eating Raw

Eating Raw

Rawists  include beans and legumes into their diet which Paleo eaters do not (I don’t either for “imflammation” reasons).  Paleo eaters also include eggs, which Rawists do not.  Rawists believe that the nutrients in the living plant or seeds and nuts benefit the body.  It’s actually a living thing that you are eating.  My favorite example of this is . . . “take a raw almond and take a ‘roasted’ almond and throw them to the ground.  In a few weeks, the raw almond will have sprouted a new plant (because it’s a living seed), whereas the ‘roasted’ almond would just rot on the ground and produce nothing (because the roasting process killed everything living in that seed)”.  Rawists believe that the “live” nutrients in the food you eat keep you vital, healthy and energetic.  Now to confuse you even more — you can “sprout” your seeds and nuts.  Sprouting actually produces a new plant from the nut or seed that you’re eating.  I will discuss sprouting at a later date.

Here are a couple of articles explaining in simple terms the aspects of both Paleo and Raw . . .


Here’s one simple explanation of the diet called “Paleo 101” from the Website Paleo Diet Lifestyle and here’s another explanation called “Paleo Made Simple” from Paleo Guru Robb Wolf from his website.  You can check them both out on line or purchase Robb Wolf’s book from here.


Diana Stobo was the first person who introduced me to the concept of Raw eating, so I’m going to include her definition of Raw.  She calls it “Eating Naked” (got your attention there)!  Please note as you read this — that Diana has a disclaimer on the bottom stating that eating raw does not have to be a 100% thing.  Don’t forget you can join Diana’s Naked Challenge here.

The second explanation of eating raw is from WebMD.  It gives an explanation of the basics of eating raw. It’s really not that hard to eat raw.  It takes a little more organization and planning, but it is doable.   Techniques are also involved that are different from main-stream cooking and it may take some time to learn those as well (sprouting and dehydrating).

Here are two recipes:  One for The Paleo Diet and One for Eating Raw.

Paleo Meatballs from Cindy’s Table


Lime Chipoltle Avacoados (those look soooo delicious) from Raw on $10 a day.



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