Raw??? Yes!!!!!

I have always been concerned and aware of health and fitness. I would constantly read up on the latest food trends and articles and followed them religiously, yet I could never lose weight. I was always bloated and then when I hit 50 – the joints went. My doctors said I should eat soy, whole grains, dairy, beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables (the colors of the rainbow) and so I did. I always worked out and really thought I was doing something wonderful for myself. I attributed the extra weight and aches to getting older.  My catchphrase was “I work very hard at staying chunky. If I didn’t work this hard, I’d be obese”! Also, as an aside, I hadn’t slept in 3 years due to the aches and pains in my knees and wrist (doc said it was arthritis).  I would toss and turn all night trying to find a comfortable position.  I’d wake up tired and irritable.

Then around January 2012, a lot of my friends were starting on the Paleo Diet. It sounded interesting to me and all they ask is that you try it for 30 days. I figured I could invest 30 days. What have I got to lose? I wasn’t paying attention to it, but what I realized after the 3rd day is that I slept through the entire night. I thought there must be something really phenomenal going on here. My aches and pains were gone (and so were my soy, grains, legumes, dairy, refined sugar and alcohol). I wasn’t really losing weight at that point, but I felt so much healthy that I didn’t care.

On Paleo, you can make your own Almond Milk. So I purchased a milk bag on Amazon just willy nilly.  It was one of Diana Stobo’s milk bags.  When I read the label that was on Diana’s milk bag, it had her website on it (dianastobo.com) so out of curiosity, I checked it out.  

Diana Stobo is a Raw Enthusiast who wrote “Get Naked Fast” and “The Naked Challenge”.  I read what she had to say and I listened to what she was saying!  That was it for me!  Something about eating raw was so utterly fascinating to me – I had to try it. And I did. And then I became “crazed”. I needed to find out everything I could about living raw. I’d go to the library and take out tons of books.  I googled and googled and googled and found so many wonderful websites, blogs and articles related to eating raw. It’s so exciting! 

I have never had as much stamina and passion as I have these days. I’ve always done Zumba workouts and always had to stop, take a rest, drink  some water, die, etc.  I now do the full 1 hour aerobic workout non-stop 4 times a week. You should see the wonderful sweat I work up with that workout. I am almost 54 years old and I can keep up with the younger ones. I look forward to my Zumba classes.

People are noticing a change in me (it’s now been about 10 months – it’s not a drastic change, but it’s noticeable) and I love talking to them about my eating habits (I never call this a diet) and love making certain dishes for them to try.
Once I realized that a lot of people were interested in what I was doing and wanted to know how to do it themselves,  I contacted some of my RAW Enthusiast contacts and asked them if they thought that if I started a blog which would document  my journey while sharing tips, recipes and knowledge from these people – did they think it would work and how would they feel if I did that?
The response from each and every one of them was simply this . . .

Just Go For It!!!  

And so . . . I am!!

 *I will be sharing websites and recipes from many bloggers and experts on Raw Food, Paleo Diet, Gluten-Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Allergy Free, Wheat Free, Legume Free and Refined Sugar Free as well as a myriad of workout experts/enthusiasts.   I also hope to have guest Blogger’s sharing their journey and expertise as well on a myriad of different topics.


**Please read “So Why Raw??” next**

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