Tomato Basil Pizza Bread

I made this recipe from Diana Stobo’s Naked Challenge Recipes  Great source of information if you’re just started out eating RAW.  There is a minimal monthly minimal fee to join (which is so worth it) and if you choose to do the 10-day Challenge with her (lose 10 pounds in 10 days!!) — there’s an additional fee, but a discount is applied if you’re a Member of The Naked Zone.


 I started by sprouting some sunflower seeds.  That’s a technique I was afraid to try because it sounded too complicated and scary. But  I finally caved in and tried it and it worked!  I now sprout a lot of different seeds and nuts.

After 2-3 days, I added the sunflower seeds to the rest of the ingredients — almond meal, fresh tomatoes, fresh (home-grown) basil, fresh garlic and sea salt and combined them in my food processor.

Once it’s creamy, I added it to my Nesco Dehyrador  and put it on 3 paraffin sheets (see below).  I dehydrated it at 145 degrees for 2 hours and then reduced it to 115 degrees for 24 -36 hours.

Before Dehydration! 

This is the end result!  Absolutely the BEST cracker/bread I’ve ever tasted!

The Best Tomato Pizza Bread EVER!
The Best Tomato Pizza Bread EVER!


Michele ♥

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