Sometimes I just want a cup of tea

Sometimes I just want a hot cup of tea

As a Raw Enthusiast — the rule of thumb is 85-95% Raw and the other 5%-15% well – not Raw. A hot cup tea is usually considered a “no-no”, and actually, Raw Purists suggest giving up caffeine all together.  Look – I gave up the coffee (but will have that as well if I really, really, really need or want one), but my morning routine really revolves around making my special blend of tea!  It’s warming, it’s soothing (and I use caffeinated — green or black — tea), it’s relaxing.  I drink it as I check my morning email messages or FB while the whole world is sleeping around me.  It’s my time.

Yes – I could probably adhere to the rules of raw eating and gently warm my tea – but I do love boiled water to steep tea with. Listed below is how I make my morning tea.  I like to use herbs that have warming powers as well as well as medicinal benefits.  Note that I use a HUGE mug (I think it’s 32 oz) so yes – I used 2 teabags to make this.

While the waters on for boiling this is what I prepare.

2 teabags of your choice (could be herbal as well – could be 1 teabag). .

1 disk of fresh ginger peeled.  If you don’t have fresh ginger and only have ground ginger – you can use a sprinkle/shake of that.  If you don’t have ginger – leave it out.

Couple shakes of Cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

A couple of Cardamom seeds from 2-3 pods (most people do not have this in their cupboard.  That’s okay.  Don’t run out to buy it.).  I like the licorice flavor it has.

Now – I usually just throw everything into my mug and then pour the boiled water over it and let it steep.  It becomes an opaque broth because of all the spices.  I just happen to like it that way.  I ingest it as I sip and feel that all the spices are doing wonderful things for me.  If you don’t want an opaque tea and if you have a tea strainer around – feel free to put all your ingredients in that and then steep your tea.  I will admit that there have been a couple of times when I put all the ingredients in but forgot the tea bags.  The liquid is so opaque that I didn’t even notice until I got to the office and wonder why I never got that “kick” this morning!!

So I drink this warm concoction as I check messages and watch the morning news and then I make my green smoothie.  I drink both simultaneously luxuriating over my PC and waiting for the kids to get up.   This routine usually starts at around 5:30 a.m. on weekdays and 7:00ish on the weekends.  But it’s my time . . . my precious time . . . until the craziness begins!!

You can make your tea however way you’d want to.  And the “Raw Police” have not come to my door yet with a warrant for my arrest.  Do what’s best for you.  Maybe one day I’ll give up that cup of tea, but as for now – as long as an alarm clock has to wake me up and not the natural rising of the sun – hot tea will have to do!!


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