Down To The Nitty Gritty

Down To Business OR The Nitty  Gritty As I Call it

So, what to do now?  How does one incorporate RAW living into their diet?  Or even into their daily life?

I suggest by starting slowly.  Did you know you can actually go through withdrawal when you start alleviating foods that you’re body is accustomed to?  But I’ll touch base on that later.  Start by including more salads and raw vegetables into your daily meals.  A lot of folks don’t eat salad or cook all their vegetables.  There are a ton of delicious recipes on line. If I have a certain vegetable in the house, sometimes I’ll google, for example, “simple raw ‘eggplant’ recipes” and you would be surprised what comes up!!  There are actually recipes for raw eggplant!!!

It’s a good thing to start your morning with with a glass of waterand the juice of 1/2 lemon.  The lemon alkalizes your body and it works on “pushing” all the “shmutz” out of your system from the previous day.  If you don’t have a lemon — a lot of people will put a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in their water (apple cider vinegar is supposedly very good in reducing cholesterol also very good for your bones and joints.  I read an article that stated that someone soaked a chicken bone in apple cider and when they bent the bone — it did not “snap”.  It became malleable.  That’s great for our bones as well).  Apple Cider vinegar may take some getting used to, but I did try and and it actually was not bad.  It was quite refreshing.  Tasted a little like Kumbacha or a Fermented Beer of some sort.

People noticed a change in me when I started drinking  Green Juices and Green Smoothies in the morning.  I wouldn’t suggest that you run out and by a “juicer” and start juicing, if you never have before.  But if you have a blender, you can definitely make a juice by blending everything and then just run it through a fine-mesh colander (I have really cheap ones that I bought at Walmart that work really well) to get the bigger pieces out that the blender missed.  Same thing with the smoothie.  Make a smoothie in your blender, but if it leaves chunks, just pour it through the mesh!!

I happen to have a Jack LaLanne Juicer so I followed‘s recipe for her green juice.  But there are much simpler ones to make with fewer ingredients.  The main green ingredients that I LOVE (and it’s funny how you start to really LOVE your greens — especially Kale) is kale, spinach, broccoli.  Others use bok choy, collards, chard, beet greens.  Experiment if you wish, learn what you like and stay with those.

For green smoothies — my rule of thumb is this:  3 fruits – 3 greens liquids, though lately I’m using less ingredients.  I like to keep bags of frozen fruit in my freezer and I always try to have spinach, kale and broccoli in my veggie bin.  I like to put banana in mine along with a handful of frozen fruit and then I add a handful of spinach, a handful of kale and if I have broccoli, I break a small bunch off and add that.  Add a cup or two of liquid.  You can use filtered water, coconut water, coconut milk, brewed tea either herbal or other.  Sometimes, I’ll even use my “green juice” as my liquid.  As you get more familiar with making juices and/or smoothies – we will discuss other benefits of other wonderful things you can add to your smoothie.

Now for lunch!  Just add salad.  There’s nothing like a delicious, huge green or mixed salad with seasonal fresh veggies!!!  And add nuts and seeds too!  Just no beans or cheese!

Dinner should include more salad, perhaps along with cut, fresh vegetables. Not ready to give up your meat and cheese for this.  Then don’t.  Not ready to give up the pasta.  then don’t.  But we will be sharing recipes for RAW pasta and sauce that is to die for!  Even if you want to cook your vegetables or make spaghetti squash which is cooked — that’s fine.  Start slowly. I am attaching a photo of RAW Zuchinni Pasta with RAW Sauce and RAW meatballs.  Believe me — it’s DELISH!

For desserts and snacks, I usually snack on fresh fruit, dates, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, smoothies and juices.  Once you get to know a little more about eating this way and learn the techniques of Uncooking” www.uncooking101.comyou will learn how to “unbake” and “dehydrate” many different types of desserts, breads and crackers!!

**Oh — and just as a after thought and AN ADDED BENEFIT — you can eat as much as you want when being RAW! There’s no counting calories when you eat real food and you eat till your full.  Being that real food is full of nutrients and fiber — you really do get satisfied a lot quicker than eating processed cooked foods.  And eating RAW does not trigger your “craving button” the way cooked, process foods. Your body is demanding nutrients from cooked processed foods that it’s just not getting — so it wants more and more and more and more and more.**

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