So — Why RAW???

SO . . .

R A W?


When people see the change in me, they always ask, “So, how’d you do it?”   Without giving them a dissertation on how I’ve accomplished Rejuvenation And Wellness, I just give them my pat answer which is, “I changed the way I eat.  I don’t eat any wheat,  soy,  dairy, legumes, processed sugar and hardy any alcohol.  I only eat  whole foods”.   And then I say, “oh yeah — AND I DON’T COOK IT EITHER!!”

 So, why R A W??  Well, mainly because that’s 85% of how I choose to eat my food.  And secondly — because ever since I started eating raw, I’ve felt Rejuvenated which led me to Wellness.  It’s amazing how much you can do with RAW food!  I never feel deprived and hopefully, if you follow me on this journey, you will not feel deprived either.


Now – I’ve learned to make almost everything in a RAW state and there’s still things and techniques I need to master.  I make cheeses out of nuts; pasta out of zucchini (or kelp noodles or sweet potatoes, carrots and beets) and desserts out of wonderful RAW ingredients.  I will be sharing a lot of this information with you.



When I do cook or bake — I have to do it gluten free, dairy free, soy free and animal free to follow the diets of my daughters.  Which daughter doesn’t eat meat — which one does eat meat.  If meat is involved, I go back and follow the concepts of the Paleo Diet.   Once again — I will be sharing wonderful website and recipes with you.


What’s really funny is that I rarely “cook” anymore.  I “uncook”.  A phrase I borrowed from Eva Rawpossa (  So, the other day when I made my daughters some soup on the stove — I forgot how “hot” things really get and when I took the lid off the pot — I burned myself.  And then when I put that hot lid on the stove — I forgot the burners were hot and I burned myself again!!  Which only goes to prove that eating RAW is not only healthier for you, but less dangerous as well!!


Michele ♥

**Please read “Down To The Nitty Gritty” next**


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